Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chapter 3

Roughly four years ago, YH was still a rookie in the industry. He and four others, JJ, JS, YC and CM have just started their career their career. They were having a pretty good result. Hence, SM entertainment had organized a world tour for them and this time they were in a small country named Malaysia. They had been here previously when they were here for a shooting of a new advertisement. He had a good impression on this country. The people here are very warm hearted.

Since they were here for concert, they practice very hard for it yet he felt very glad as this is their first world tour. He works very hard to present their best to the fans. He could not bear to disappoint their fans. Although he knew their stardom were rising in the country but he still felt worried that there were little turn up as they weren’t top artist yet.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m sure we’ll had some big turn up from the fans. Just present our best to them. Aza Aza Fighting!” said YH to perk up the team’s energy although he is worry too.

Finally, it’s time for them to go out and to face the crowd. They are anxious to meet them. However, they can hear the crowd cheering in excitement. They got into the box were the production team designed them to appear on the stage. YH literally can hear his own heart pumping hard.

The crowd was huge and they are all in red! Unbelievably to them that even people here know their official colour. YH had dance with all his energy as he has vow to himself to present his very best to his fans.

Everything finally comes to the end. The crowd has been cheering for encore but they had to leave as they had to catch their flight which will be leaving at the same night. When they left, a girl trying to push through the crowd which is trying to exit to go leave caught his attention.
‘What is this girl thinking? Why is she trying to fight the crowd’s way? Where is she heading? Is she trying to get to us? Then we better leave faster.’ He thought to himself. But he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Suddenly someone accidently pushes her and she fell right on the floor and he actually saw her hit her forehead to the corner of the wall right in front of his eyes.

‘Oh my God! That must hurt! I think I better go help her.’ thought YH.

JJ, go tell Manager hyung I left something in the dressing room. Something very important, you guys wait me in the car. I’ll join you guys as soon as I got my stuff.” He left off as soon as he threw these words to JJ.

“Are you alright?” he got so nervous for her that he had forgotten that he’s in a foreign country that people don’t understand Korean and he spoke Korean to her.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” She replied politely in her broken Korean. It is obvious that she does not speak well in Korean.

“No. You are not fine! Look at you. You are bleeding!” puzzlingly he felt the sudden anger knowing that she’s doesn’t realize how serious her wound is. He actually was starting to raise his voice.

“No. I’m alright. Don’t worry.” She says still without looking up to him but he can see that she is in pain at that moment. He can’t take it anymore that he actually sweep her off her feet and brought her in his arm to the emergency room. He did not think much.

“What on earth are you thinking?! The door is the opposite way! I need to go home! Where are you bringing me to?!” the girl says without looking to him face in English. Thank God he brushes up some of his English language before he came with YC as he knew his coming to this country. Thus he understands what she just said to him.

“You need to get some medication on your wound there.” He replies in broken his English.

“YH. What are you doing there? Manager hyung must be angry knowing you that did this.” suddenly came JJ’s voice sound nervous. He came back to find him as he was worried about him.

He felt that she was trying to get off his grip but a feeling in his heart that he couldn’t let her off. He even held her harder knowing that she wants to leave his arm.

“ Can’t you see she’s wounded here? Manager hyung will understand. She needs some medication. Quick. Open that door. You there, you are bleeding. Don’t try to move.” YH says in a stern voice.

He brought her to the emergency room and asked the paramedic to give her some medication and he left after making sure she’s alright although his heart is still worried about her. He gave her a last glance before he left that room.

‘I wonder how the girl is. Is she alright? I hope she is fine. Oh no! I did not even get her name.’ thought YH.

“Don’t worry YH, I’m sure she’s going to be fine.” Said JJ as if he can hear what he’s thinking.

That was their first encounter. YH wonders if Mag still remembers this. He’s sure that she needs him at this moment. Hence, he took his keys and left the apartment. He knew where to find her.

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