Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter 5

"Good Evening everyone! You are listening to What's latest? on Hitz 104.5! I'm Mag and you can't believe who's sitting besides me now, it's TVXQ! OMG, you guys look so good. How have you guys been? It's been a long time since you guys has been here. You guys wanna say hi to the listeners out there tonight?" Mag asked.

" Hi everyone, we are TVXQ ! " They say together.

"Hi! I'm U-know Yun Ho. How are you guys out there?" YH said.

"Hi! I'm Hero Jae Joong. It's a cold night out there. You guys gotta keep warm! " JJ said.

"Hi! I'm Micky Yu Chun. Good Evening everyone! " YC said.

"Hi! I'm Xiah Jun Su. " JS said.

"Hi! Don't forget me, I'm Max Chang Min! " CM said.

"Haha. Don't worry CM, No one will ever forget you. So, what are you guys up to? You guys has been so busy that everyone is having a hard time just trying to keep up with you guys! YH, you wanna tell us?" asked Mag.

"Erm..we've been on our 4th Asia tour and currently we are working on our 6th Korean album which will be out soon and as well as our 4th Japanese album." answered YH.

"Whoa! It seems that you guys are really busy. Do you guys ever rest? Hahaha. You know all the cassopiea out there will be heart broken if you guys fall sick. "

" Hahaha. Sure we do. We won't let ourselves sick. Especially JJ hyung. He's our 2nd mom. He always take good care of us.

" Alright listeners. Here's the latest song they have, Love. Enjoy. We'll be right back after the song." 

"Hey guys. How was your day?" asked Mag.

"It's like usual. As you may know, we had a photo shoot for the album today, and beforehand another interview by MC Mong this morning. How's yours?" YH asked while four others trying to keep themselves occupied trying to be invisible. 

'Clever guys' YH said to himself while grinning at the others.

"Well, work work n work. So, are you guys ready for the next segment on this program? As the producer may had explain to you guys, this is a compulsory custom in this radio program that all the guest singer has to present a brand new, unreleased, live song to the audience. " ask Mag.

"Of course we are. If we are not, how dare we appear to be here." JJ teasing her risking himself being elbowed by YH.

"What song? Tell me. Tell me. Why didn't you guys mentioned it last night? " urge Mag.

"Alright guys. In 10 more seconds. 3,2,1." said the producer signaling them to get back on air before anyone could answer her but YH had already warned them not to mention anything until it's on air when they are on their way here.

" We are back. And I still have the Asia superstar group TVXQ with me. How was the song people? It was good, right? My eyes are still teary even though I had listen to this song numerous time ever since it's released." Mag said.

"We are more than glad you like it. I hope the listeners love it too. " said YC.

"I'm sure they do. Alright guys. Time for our...'Latest Composition' segment. As our listeners may already know, in this segment, you guys gotta sing live to us a brand new, unreleased song. That's our program's privileged. Are you guys ready?" asked Mag.

" Sure we are. We had been preparing this song for a long time. It's a very special song. YH composed it while Han Kyung from SUJU help with the lyrics. It's a TVXQ and SUJU collaboration." JS answered.

"Whoa. Then it's such a privileged for us to be able to listen to it for the 1st time. We are so lucky,right listeners? I'm sure you guys agree too." said Mag looking at YH in a confused look because he had never mentioned this to her. She feel a little disappointed as she feels that YH don't trust her enough to tell her everything.

YH knows exactly this is coming and what she's thinking but he stay calmed and look back to her acting like nothing happened.

" Alright, here it goes..." said CM.

"你是我的太阳,照着我,给于我温暖,。。。。我要保护我对你的爱。。。。" It appears that it's a mandarin song! Mag was dumbfounded but she knows she got to say something. It's her show! She gotta keep it going. While she's looking for her words...

" That's dedicated to all our fans in China and all the fans that understand Mandarin. We want you guys to know we did not forget you guys." said YH but looking at Mag passionately. This was a surprise he was working on. He has been persuading the company to let them had this song today. Of course he did not tell them the REAL reason, but he wrote this song just for her. To let the world share his love for her.

"It was awesome! How would you guys thought of writing a Mandarin song? No wonder you guys need han kyung's help. Ha Ha."

"Well, we had been receiving mails from China's fans requesting for a Mandarin song. So, our leader, YH hyung decided to write one." explained JJ.

The Program goes on for another hour.

"Well, time flies fast. That's it for the night. Thank you TVXQ for all those song. It's a privilege for us to have you here tonight." said Mag.

" No, we thank you for having us here. Good night everyone. We are TVXQ! "

"and I'm Mag. See you guys same time, same place, same day next week, Good night! " Mag added.

Off Air.

"Hey, are you guys going home now? " asked Mag.

"Yea. Manager Hyung told us this is the last for the night." answered YH.

" Oh. I'll see you guys at SAND's home then. I'll go later as I need to go find Sam for something and I heard Dawn is making some nice good M'sian food." said Mag grinning at JJ before looking at both YC n JS.

"Really? I'm soo hungry right now. Guys, let's go home! Before Alyn finish all those food." pestered CM.

"Thanks everyone for tonight." said YH to the producer and the technicians bowing at them while the others followed him doing so.

"See you later. Be careful when you drive home later." whispered YH to Mag before he leaves.

Mag only smiled at wave them good bye before getting back to work after she took a glance on the clock.

'It's already 2330. I better hurry.' said Mag to herself.