Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter 2

Approximately four years ago, she was only a college student and they were rising stars. They were starting to be famous in her country, Malaysia. She knew them through a twist of fate whereby one of her classmates was their fans. She thought they were quite cute and took some songs from her friend to get to know them better.

Since then, she became one of their fans. When they were in the country for the first time, she was so excited to meet them live on stage. In her mouth, she tells everyone that she likes them equally much. But actually in her phone, she has TVXQ’s leader, Yun Ho as her wallpaper. So she went to the concert slightly early to experience their attraction. As she predicted, it was literally a sea of redness where everyone is in red!

The whole night she was trying to get the best view of Yun Ho but unfortunately, she was out of luck on that night as Yun Ho was choreographed to be standing at the other end of where she bought the ticket. However, she still feels satisfied for that she can see them perform live.

“ Wait me at the entrance, girls. I got to go to the washroom.” she just ran back in to the stadium as her friends were heading out to the exit after the concert finish. She was having some difficulties going to the washroom as she’s going the opposite direction of everyone who were rushing to go out to catch the last train which is the only public transportation available at that time.

“Argh. Please don’t push. Pleaseee…….Ouch!” Mag fell right on the floor and hit the corner of the wall as she fell.

“Damn it. What are these people thinking?! All I want is to go to the washroom. Why should I
face all these. Shit this hurts.” Mag says as she tried to get up but suddenly she sense that there was someone standing in front of her.

Are you alright?”Sounds concern. The owner of the voice reaches down to help her get up.

I’m fine. Thank you.” She replied politely although she feels a sharp pain on her forehead.

No. You are not fine! Look at you. You are bleeding!” The voice says kind of loud and he sounds mad.

No. I’m alright. Don’t worry.” She says still without looking up to the source of the voice. She’s concentrating on the wound more.

Suddenly she felt someone sweep her off her feet and ran the opposite direction to the exit.

“What on earth are you thinking?! The door is the opposite way! I need to go home! Where are you bringing me to?!” she says without looking to the man’s face in English totally forgotten that their previous conversation were in Korean.

“You need to get some medication on your wound there.” The man replies in broken English.

YH. What are you doing there? Manager hyung must be mad knowing you that did this.” comes a voice that sounds nervous.

Now Mag feels the intense and she looks up. It’s Yun Ho!

‘God! What is he doing here?’ she thinks to herself. She tries to get off his grip but she couldn’t. His grip was so hard.

Can’t you see she’s wounded here? Manager hyung will understand. She needs some medication. Quick. Open that door. You there, you are bleeding. Don’t try to move.” YH says in a stern voice.

He brought her to the emergency room and asked the paramedic to give her some medication and he left after making sure she’s alright and she’s left there stoned. That was their first encounter.

Mag sat there wondering if YH still remembers that small brush up they had.

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