Friday, March 5, 2010

Chapter 8

"♫♪♭♯Holding Back The Tears... ♮♬♩" Mag's Phone suddenly rang. It's Sam. She knew this from the ringtone. She quickly pick up the phone.

"Hello? Yes, I'm around the apartment. Just roaming around. Aren't you supposed to be in training today? Oh, you are done? Want to have dinner together? Ok. I'll be back soon.” She says walking away from the store. Where was the person behind her just now? He's being stopped by another group of girls.

“OMG~ It's YH! Are you YH? Can we have your autograph please? Can we take a picture with you? Please... Please..” A group of girls in the record store has finally recognize him. They approached him and created another hullabaloo in the store. Mag took this opportunity and sneaked out of the store while she's on the phone with Sam acting as if she couldn't hear the other end of the phone and cause her to leave the store to hear better.

'Oh no! She left! I didn't even take her phone number or name yet! Oh no..' he thought to himself and felt very disappointed.

“Hyung, where did you go? We were looking for you. SAND is organizing a party for Sam's friend from Malaysia. Dawn's cooking. We got to get home earlier to help out and to welcome our new friend.” said CM.

“Erm... you guys go home first. I'll be home soon. I need to settle up with something here in the studio.” said YH still thinking about that girl.

'Did she forget me? Or she doesn't recognize me? I wonder if...' YH thought.

“Are you alright YH? You look like something's bothering your mind.” JJ asked. Being the 'mother' of the group, he always seemed to be able to read their minds through their body gesture. That's JJ.

“Nothing real important. Just about the new song I'm writing... I think I need to do some changes to it. That's all. Don't worry...” YH beginning to give excuses. He kinda knew that JJ will notices something's up with him.

“Oh, I thought you were thinking of something else because you aren't usually like this if it's only about your song.” JJ grinned.

“Haha. Really. Don't worry.” YH insisted.

“ Hyung. We have to really get going. We'll be late and I'm sure you don't want 'someone' to do everything by herself.” CM being himself again, pestering.

“ Okay, okay! I'll be there in a bit. You guys go downstairs first.” JJ said to CM.

Then, he turned to YH and said “ You. Don't work too late and come back earlier. It's not polite to come home late when there's guest around. Don't you want to see who's Sam friend is? This is the first time she introduces her friend to us. I'm curious how she is.”

“ Don't worry. I'll be home early. Drive safe, okay.” YH promises and went back to his work.

Even though he tried real hard to focus, but he couldn't. He couldn't get her out of her mind. He kept thinking bout her. Wondering if she had forget their little encounter 3 years ago. Without him realizing, the clock turns to 11 pm.

'Oh no! I'm late. They are going to be sooo mad with me.' YH quickly grab his belongings and left.

“Sorry guys, I'm late. I tried to rush back as soon as I can. I didn't realize that it's so late.” YH apologizes once someone opened the door.

“ We kinda figured that so we didn't really waited for you. YH, this is Mag. Mag, this is YH. Mag is Sam's friend from Malaysia that we have been expecting.” YC introduces them to each another.

Suddenly JJ elbowed YH waking him up from his 'dream'. He couldn't believe he's looking at the face of this girl standing in front of him that he went stunned. JJ has actually expected this to happen once he saw Mag. He sort of recognize this face even though she really changed a lot. He also wondered if YH will recognize her but his question's answered once he saw YH's reaction.

“Hi, I'm Mag. Nice to meet you.” Mag reaches out to shake his hand while trying to remain calm.

“Hi, Nice to meet you too. So, you are Sam's friend from Malaysia. How long do you intend to stay here? It would be nice if we could be able to show you some places.” YH offered while he tries to look in her eyes and hoping to find a glimpse of happiness or excitement. He himself are real happy to see her. He really does hope the same from her.
“ I'm still planning on my stay here. I do not want to create trouble for you guys. You guys have a hectic schedule and should rest whenever possible. How could I take that away from you guys. Thanks for your offer though.” Mag tries to be polite and remain calm in the same time.

Only 5 people in that room knew what's really going on but everyone in that room feels that awkwardness sense in the air created by this two person.

“Don't worry, YH. I'll take care of her.” said Sam breaking the tension between them.

“Hey, Mag. Heard you've been to the States. Which part you went to?” asked YC trying ro create a conversation with her.

“I visited some places in NJ and NYC only. Never been to many places. I wish I could go more places but time constricts me from doing so.” explain Mag.

“Awww, that's a bummer. “ said YC.

The conversation went on until late. Everyone was actually having fun and enjoying each another's company that night. SAND and TVXQ has always been good friends since the beginning but Mag blended in quite well although she's still feeling weird being in the same room with these superstars. She felt like she's dreaming when she's thinks bout it.