Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chapter 4

The sky is just so mesmerizing, the clear sky,with stars above just enough to hold Mag's breath. She was just sitting there, looking at the sky, thinking about all the beautiful memories she has that she don't even realize that a pair of eyes has been on her for a while now.

YH knows exactly where to find her as that's her favorite spot to hang around no matter when she's sad or happy.

"Don't you just love the sky? It's always so beautiful." YH remembers Mag told him this once before.

Suddenly, a hand reached Mag's shoulder. It's scares Mag that she jump right out of the bench.

"Don't worry, it's me! It's me,YH! " says YH quickly before Mag runs away.

"Why are you here? OMG, you don't even bother to disguise a bit? What if the paparazzi find you here? I don't want to see you in trouble, YH." says Mag worried.

"It's late now. They need to sleep too. And YOU too..you need to sleep too. You know I'm worried bout you,right? How do you expect me to leave you out here alone?"He grasp her hand while he tells her his concern.

"Come sit down. OMG, your hand feels so cold. Why didn't you bring a jacket with you? Here, use mine. I'll be sad if my little girl gets sick." says YH putting his jacket on her shoulder.

She looked at him. Feeling warm again. She knew she has finally found someone she can lean on. However, her other side of her mind tells her that he's way to good for her although she never has the courage either to leave him or let him go. She knows she'll be lost without him. But the very least she can do is not to give him more burden or problems anymore.

"Can you please don't treat me so good? I'll be too dependent on you. I don't want to be your burden." says Mag looking at him truthfully.

"My dear, you are NEVER EVER my burden.. You know that. I'm more than happy that you become dependent on me. That's exactly what I want." says YH holding her hand even firmer as if he'll lose her if he loosen his grip.

"Now, you want to tell me what happen?"asked YH.

"Nothing. Nothing happened. I just feel like looking at the sky alone. Sorry bout just now." Mag apologized.

"Well, if you don't want to tell, I'm not going to force you BUT you know I'll always be here with you." says YH looking into her eyes as if he can look straight into her heart.

"Hey, YH. Do you remember when we first met?" Mag questioned.

"Of course I do! What about you? I bet you've forgotten." YH says playfully.

"Sure I do! You tell me first. I think you'll be the one who has forgotten about it." asked Mag throwing the question back to YH.

"It was on our first world tour to M'sia. A silly girl trying to force her way fighting the crowd's direction and got herself hurt! And the worst thing is...HMMMP..."YH can't continue as Mag has her hand on his mouth to stop him from continuing.

"You remember......" A drop of tear came rolling down her eye. She's so happy that he remember.

"Why are you crying? Please don't cry. You know it kills me when you cry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."says YH thinking that she's crying because he did something wrong and hurt her.

"No.No.Don't apologize.I'm just too happy that you remember." explained Mag.

"Mag, of course I remember. I can't stop thinking bout you ever since that night. " says YH rubbing of her tears from her cheek. That gesture brought them so much closer to each other. Their eyes met. Suddenly Mag feels like the surrounding as gone so quite that she can hear their heart beating fast. YH leans forward. Mag closes her eyes....

"You've got the wrong number. You've got the wrong number...." suddenly his phone rang breaking the silence.

"Yo Bo Se Yo? Yea.Yea...." says YH to the other end feeling mad at the person for calling at the wrong moment.

"We better go back. You had a early interview tomorrow,right? You better get some rest."says Mag knowing that he won't leave without her.

"Let's sit here for a while." YH knows that she's not ready to leave yet actually.

Mag just nodded and sat beside him quietly admiring at the sky again while YH sits there thinking bout that phone call before. He don't want to tell her bout that yet. He wants to give her a surprise. So, Mag sits there not knowing what's about to happen next.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chapter 3

Roughly four years ago, YH was still a rookie in the industry. He and four others, JJ, JS, YC and CM have just started their career their career. They were having a pretty good result. Hence, SM entertainment had organized a world tour for them and this time they were in a small country named Malaysia. They had been here previously when they were here for a shooting of a new advertisement. He had a good impression on this country. The people here are very warm hearted.

Since they were here for concert, they practice very hard for it yet he felt very glad as this is their first world tour. He works very hard to present their best to the fans. He could not bear to disappoint their fans. Although he knew their stardom were rising in the country but he still felt worried that there were little turn up as they weren’t top artist yet.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m sure we’ll had some big turn up from the fans. Just present our best to them. Aza Aza Fighting!” said YH to perk up the team’s energy although he is worry too.

Finally, it’s time for them to go out and to face the crowd. They are anxious to meet them. However, they can hear the crowd cheering in excitement. They got into the box were the production team designed them to appear on the stage. YH literally can hear his own heart pumping hard.

The crowd was huge and they are all in red! Unbelievably to them that even people here know their official colour. YH had dance with all his energy as he has vow to himself to present his very best to his fans.

Everything finally comes to the end. The crowd has been cheering for encore but they had to leave as they had to catch their flight which will be leaving at the same night. When they left, a girl trying to push through the crowd which is trying to exit to go leave caught his attention.
‘What is this girl thinking? Why is she trying to fight the crowd’s way? Where is she heading? Is she trying to get to us? Then we better leave faster.’ He thought to himself. But he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Suddenly someone accidently pushes her and she fell right on the floor and he actually saw her hit her forehead to the corner of the wall right in front of his eyes.

‘Oh my God! That must hurt! I think I better go help her.’ thought YH.

JJ, go tell Manager hyung I left something in the dressing room. Something very important, you guys wait me in the car. I’ll join you guys as soon as I got my stuff.” He left off as soon as he threw these words to JJ.

“Are you alright?” he got so nervous for her that he had forgotten that he’s in a foreign country that people don’t understand Korean and he spoke Korean to her.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” She replied politely in her broken Korean. It is obvious that she does not speak well in Korean.

“No. You are not fine! Look at you. You are bleeding!” puzzlingly he felt the sudden anger knowing that she’s doesn’t realize how serious her wound is. He actually was starting to raise his voice.

“No. I’m alright. Don’t worry.” She says still without looking up to him but he can see that she is in pain at that moment. He can’t take it anymore that he actually sweep her off her feet and brought her in his arm to the emergency room. He did not think much.

“What on earth are you thinking?! The door is the opposite way! I need to go home! Where are you bringing me to?!” the girl says without looking to him face in English. Thank God he brushes up some of his English language before he came with YC as he knew his coming to this country. Thus he understands what she just said to him.

“You need to get some medication on your wound there.” He replies in broken his English.

“YH. What are you doing there? Manager hyung must be angry knowing you that did this.” suddenly came JJ’s voice sound nervous. He came back to find him as he was worried about him.

He felt that she was trying to get off his grip but a feeling in his heart that he couldn’t let her off. He even held her harder knowing that she wants to leave his arm.

“ Can’t you see she’s wounded here? Manager hyung will understand. She needs some medication. Quick. Open that door. You there, you are bleeding. Don’t try to move.” YH says in a stern voice.

He brought her to the emergency room and asked the paramedic to give her some medication and he left after making sure she’s alright although his heart is still worried about her. He gave her a last glance before he left that room.

‘I wonder how the girl is. Is she alright? I hope she is fine. Oh no! I did not even get her name.’ thought YH.

“Don’t worry YH, I’m sure she’s going to be fine.” Said JJ as if he can hear what he’s thinking.

That was their first encounter. YH wonders if Mag still remembers this. He’s sure that she needs him at this moment. Hence, he took his keys and left the apartment. He knew where to find her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter 2

Approximately four years ago, she was only a college student and they were rising stars. They were starting to be famous in her country, Malaysia. She knew them through a twist of fate whereby one of her classmates was their fans. She thought they were quite cute and took some songs from her friend to get to know them better.

Since then, she became one of their fans. When they were in the country for the first time, she was so excited to meet them live on stage. In her mouth, she tells everyone that she likes them equally much. But actually in her phone, she has TVXQ’s leader, Yun Ho as her wallpaper. So she went to the concert slightly early to experience their attraction. As she predicted, it was literally a sea of redness where everyone is in red!

The whole night she was trying to get the best view of Yun Ho but unfortunately, she was out of luck on that night as Yun Ho was choreographed to be standing at the other end of where she bought the ticket. However, she still feels satisfied for that she can see them perform live.

“ Wait me at the entrance, girls. I got to go to the washroom.” she just ran back in to the stadium as her friends were heading out to the exit after the concert finish. She was having some difficulties going to the washroom as she’s going the opposite direction of everyone who were rushing to go out to catch the last train which is the only public transportation available at that time.

“Argh. Please don’t push. Pleaseee…….Ouch!” Mag fell right on the floor and hit the corner of the wall as she fell.

“Damn it. What are these people thinking?! All I want is to go to the washroom. Why should I
face all these. Shit this hurts.” Mag says as she tried to get up but suddenly she sense that there was someone standing in front of her.

Are you alright?”Sounds concern. The owner of the voice reaches down to help her get up.

I’m fine. Thank you.” She replied politely although she feels a sharp pain on her forehead.

No. You are not fine! Look at you. You are bleeding!” The voice says kind of loud and he sounds mad.

No. I’m alright. Don’t worry.” She says still without looking up to the source of the voice. She’s concentrating on the wound more.

Suddenly she felt someone sweep her off her feet and ran the opposite direction to the exit.

“What on earth are you thinking?! The door is the opposite way! I need to go home! Where are you bringing me to?!” she says without looking to the man’s face in English totally forgotten that their previous conversation were in Korean.

“You need to get some medication on your wound there.” The man replies in broken English.

YH. What are you doing there? Manager hyung must be mad knowing you that did this.” comes a voice that sounds nervous.

Now Mag feels the intense and she looks up. It’s Yun Ho!

‘God! What is he doing here?’ she thinks to herself. She tries to get off his grip but she couldn’t. His grip was so hard.

Can’t you see she’s wounded here? Manager hyung will understand. She needs some medication. Quick. Open that door. You there, you are bleeding. Don’t try to move.” YH says in a stern voice.

He brought her to the emergency room and asked the paramedic to give her some medication and he left after making sure she’s alright and she’s left there stoned. That was their first encounter.

Mag sat there wondering if YH still remembers that small brush up they had.

Chapter 1

“No. Nothing happened. I just don’t feel like talking. Bye guys. Good night.” Mag turned around and walks away right after she said these words.

“Wait! Mag.” Yun Ho says as he held her from leaving.

“What happened? Dear.” “You were alright just before this. Did I do anything wrong?” He added.
“No. Nothing has to do with you. Can you just give me some time alone? Good night.” she says while trying her best to hold her tears from felling and she left the apartment which belongs to her friends, SAND which is one of the TOP groups that took the world away by their powerful singing talent and their great on-stage performance.

“Wait YH. Give her some time to calm down. It wasn’t you. I saw her on the phone just now. It must be her family,” says Sam as she held him back from running after Mag. He was very worried looking at her facial expression. He knew that she is all worried and down. All of those were literally written on her face.

She walks calmly towards the lift and went down to the park where she loves to hang around looking at people having their sweet time. She has chosen a nice bench near a pond whereby people can swim and boat. However, it is actually dark out hence there are not much people around. Still, she loves the environment as it seems to be very peaceful and beautiful. The sky was very clear, free from clouds and since she is sitting facing the pond, she can see the bright full moon on the sky with all those stars. She is now feeling much better and calmer.

She was feeling very sad before this because she was away from her family to work at this country which is totally foreign for her to help support the family expenses which is rising like crazy since her siblings are starting to go to college. Her parent just calls her up for more money and telling her that her grandparents’ health was deteriorating. Her biggest concern wasn’t about the money but her grandparents. She grew up with both her grandparents and she doesn’t bear to take accept the truth that they are getting old and will leave her forever eventually.

Though she doesn’t not want to talk about this to anyone as she does not want to gives them more problems because they have their own problems themselves. She was actually visiting them whenever they are free at home as she lives nearby to their house. She was working as a broadcaster or DJ in one of the top radio station in that country.

She took her sweet time looking at the beautiful sky and humming songs by TVXQ and SAND. She’s having lots of flash backs about how she ended up having a career in the country and meeting her idols TVXQ.