Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 9

“Hey guys, thanks for the night. I’ve gotta go. Thanks a lot for having this party for me. It’s getting late and you guys still have schedule tomorrow, I supposed.” Mag said after taking a glance at the clock on the wall which shows it is 1 a.m.

“Oh my. I didn’t even realize that. Time flies. It’s late now, why don’t you sleep over here?” asked Dawn.

“Nah, I better not. Besides, I planned to go visit some places tomorrow. I want to start early tomorrow. So guys, thanks again. Good night!” said Mag, walking towards the door.

‘Oh no. She’s leaving again. What should I do? I have to think fast. Think YH, think!’ YH thought to himself.

Mag took a quick glance at YH and before anyone in the room saw that, she diverts back to Sam. “Good Night, Sam. I’ll talk to you perhaps tomorrow?”

JJ noticed the glance and gave YH a nudge on the elbow. YH got the message. Finally.

“I’ll send you back to the hotel since I need to go to the 24-hours mart to get some items.” YH offered.

“Oh, it’s fine. It’s not good publicity for a celebrity to be seen with an unknown girl. Besides, I planned to catch a cab.” Mag’s starting to be nervous now.

Sam on the other hand of course knows what’s going on among them. “Mag, please let him do so. It’s not safe to catch a cab at this time and it’s going to be pricey, you know?”

“Yea Mag, let him drop you off. If anything happens to you, Sam is going to kill us for not sending you home.” Said CM. The moment he said that, 8 pairs of eyes glared at him.

“CM, you know that’s not going to happened, right? And do not talk nonsense late at night.” JJ says.

“Yea Yea, my apologies…” said CM unwillingly.

“You heard CM, let me drive you back.” YH tries his luck again.

Mag took a look at Sam.

“Sighs. All right, only at the end of the street. Not at the front door. I don’t want to cause you trouble.” Mag reluctantly agreed.

YH’s face brightens up. Some of them standing there wondering why but Sam and JJ knows it all and smiles as well.

“Well, let’s go. It’s getting late.” Said YH while opening the door.

“Alright. Good Night, guys. It’s been a great night. Thanks again.” Mag says before turning to the door.