Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter 7

Mag sits there by herself again. At her favorite spot of all the places she has been in the past one year. Without her noticing it, it has already been a year that she set her foot on this ground and start all her training to be able to host a program on her own now. She is constantly being grateful to God that she's granted this opportunity that a lot of people would die for. She remembers that a year ago, she came here only with her diploma, a little knowledge of korean cultural, a little knowledge of korean language but with a lot of courage. She initially came to visit her best friend who's now the leader of Asia's top girls group, SAND. By a twist of fate, she came interview at the radio station she's working now and being spotted by her mentor, a famous ex-radio host who's now more active as a program producer.

She looks at the sky again and took a deep breath. The sky always seems to be able to let her calm down and relax. She always seems to be feeling much better after looking at the beautiful sky. Minute by minute time flew by. Memories flashes in her mind like movies.

A year ago, she came to this country, in the purpose of visiting her best friend and to go sightseeing like she had always wanted to. She had always wanted to experience life in Korea and see if it is just like what she saw in the dramas she had watch throughout the years.

She was walking alone down the street of malls and supermarkets and she found a group of girls creating some sort of commotion. They all seemed to be very excited and to be running around someone. Mag took a peek and it was some one she wanted to see 'live' forever. It's YH. It's been 3 years after she last met him. She's excited like all those young girls too but the kept herself together and stayed calm. She does not want to act stupid.

He stopped and took a quick look at her direction.

'No. It couldn't be her. She's from Malaysia and here's Korea. Besides, she looked different too. It couldn't be her.' YH thought to himself.

'Is he looking at me? He couldn't be. We only met once like 3 years ago? He met tonnes of fans throughout the year, he couldn't have remember me. He couldn't have.' Mag reminds herself and kept on walking into a record store. She walks to the farthest corner where she can have some kind of privacy and away from all those brouhaha out there. She reach for the headphone that were there so that customers can listen to the songs they wanted to try. Coincidently, it's their song. It's the top seller for consecutively fifty week. However, she's not in the mood for any of their song for the moment. Hence, she walk over to grab an album from classical music segment. She found her favourite piece, Beethoven No.7.

He walked in the record store that he last saw her in before. He's glad he finally be able to get rid of the group of fans that where following him just now. His eyes search frantically for the face he kept thinking of for the past 3 years despite to the fact that he wasn't sure if it's her or not. He still wanted to look for himself. Finally he sees her. She's listening to their song! His heart jumped happily. Just as he wanted to walk towards her, she put down the headphone and went to the classical segment. Beethoven No.7. She looked so calm and satisfied as she starts to listen to the album. His heart felt like he just fell from the top of Mount Everest. However, he still pull himself together and gather all his courage and walk towards her. He felt more nervous than his very first performance.

'What if she doesn't remember me? What if this is a wrong person? Will I put my career at risk?' He asked himself all these questions as he is walking towards her.

Mag felt that someone has stand behind her. She thought that someone wants to reach in for albums so she moved aside without looking up. But that person still stands there doing nothing and she felt like that person is staring at her. She started to feel annoyed because this person has ruined her peaceful moment so she looked up and just as she wanted to say something, she realized that it's him! She was stupefied.

'What is he doing here? He couldn't have remember me.' she thought to herself.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Special.

Mag was so tired for the whole week. She barely got enough rest and sleep. However, she still works as hard as she could and give her 110% in her job. It's 8 o'clock in the morning and she's on her way to work. Trying to keep herself concentrate on the road while listening to the radio. TVXQ and SAND is having a radio interview together regarding a latest album their are collaborating for summer.

"Good morning! Today we have two of Asia's top group, TVXQ and SAND! You guys wanna say hi to the listeners?" said MC Kim.

"Good Morning everyone. We are...TVXQ! and we are...SAND!" they said.

"So you guys are having an album together for summer huh? This is huge. For Asia's top 2 group to have an album together. So, how does this came about?" asked MC Kim.

"Well, we have been friends since SAND entered the company as we stayed in the same building. We had always said that we have to have an album together and our company thinks that this is a good idea and this is a good timing, so here we have an album." answered JJ.

"There's a very interesting track in here named 'Happy Birthday'. Is this a traditional version or just the name?" MC Kim asked.

"Erm, this is a new song we wanted to dedicate to everyone out there as we all think everyone deserved a birthday song. Since we are here today, we would like to dedicated it to all the birthday girls and boys who's listening." said YH.

"Alright. Let's listen to this special song,everyone. Enjoy." MC Kim said.

"My Little Princess....♬♩" Mag's phone suddenly rang at the same time.

'It's for you, my dear. I know you are listening. Happy Birthday. I'll see you tonight." It's a text message from YH.

Just in time, Mag has arrived at her office. Hence, she can park her car and pay full attention on the song. Suddenly she felt warmth on her face. She cried. She's so touch with the song. Especially now that he told her that the song is specially for her. Just as YH's style. She has actually expected him to do something on this day but just not something huge like this.

The whole day, she finds herself hard to concentrate on work. The song has been playing over and over in her mind.

"All in my heart, It's all in my soul....♬♩"

'Are you available later around 11 p.m? Come over to our apartment. I have something for you. I can't leave here tonight. HE placed someone at the lobby to watch us.' It's Sam.

'OK.' Mag replies. The person she meant must be LSM as the were rumors running around saying that a member of SNSD are dating some punks from local triad. Hence, LSM has tighten all the securities of all the artist under his company.

Mag look at the clock. It's 10 p.m. and she's done for the day. After she load up all her gifts from her colleague and her loyal fans, she suddenly thought about YH. She hasn't heard from her the whole day after that text message.

'He must be busy.' She says to herself.

"Happy Birthday!!!!" Shouted the whole gang as she enters the room. Sam, Alyn, Nat and Dawn were all there. She looked around. No sign of TVXQ at all.

'They must be still at work.' She says to herself again.

"You don't have to look. They are not here. Only us. They had a last minute meeting about the album they were working on." says Sam knowing what she's looking for.

"I understand. Thank you for all these. I don't know what to say." She hugs her.

"Oh ya! What's all that song about?! How come you didn't tell me anything about that?! I was so surprised by it." asked Mag pulling away from her.

"HE threatens us all not to tell you. He's the leader ma, so no one dares to say anything. Sorry." explained Dawn. Mag looks at their 4 grinning faces.

Time flies by like lightning and it's already 1 a.m. and still no sign of TVXQ.

"I got to go girls, I've got to work early morning tomorrow. Thanks for the celebration. And have fun in tomorrow's concert!" said Mag after giving each of them a big hug.

"Ok. Drive safe, okay? And Happy Birthday again." says Sam.

"Ok. I will. Good night and thanks again." said Mag walking out the door.

Mag walks to the corridor and gave TVXQ's apartment door a glance. Pitch black inside.

'I guess they must be working late tonight. Hope everything goes smoothly.' she says to herself while pressing the elevator button.

The door opens. She sees the eyes that she has been logging to see the whole day.

"Hi guys! Welcome home. How's everything been? I heard you've got a last minute meeting on the new album. Is everything alright?" Mag asked a bunch of questions while trying to avoid the stares of the man she long for the whole day.

"Everything is fine. Thanks for asking and Happy Birthday! Even though it's an hour late. Hope you don't mind." said JJ looking at his wrist watch.

"Of course I don't mind, silly you. Alright, I'll let you guys go. Sure it's been a long day for you guys and I've got to work early tomorrow morning. I'll see you guys around, okay?" says Mag entering the elevator that they walked out of. However, she realized a man is still in there. JJ gave them a wink before the door closed.

"Happy Birthday, my dear." he says while walking closer to her. She can feel his breath.

"Thank you. You better get up there before someone caught you. Don't forget LSM's people are all over the lobby." Mag says while trying to hold a distance between them even though she doesn't seems to success.

"It's fine. I saw them leaving for coffee break when we came back. I'm sorry for being late. I tried to cut everything short but the producer never wants to let us go. If it isn't for us to have an early shooting tomorrow morning, we are still in the office now." said YH while his hands reaching for her waist trying to hold her closer as if she vanished right in front of his eyes. He had yearn for this face for the whole day.

"So, what do you think of that song. I wrote it." asked YH.

"How dare you mention about that. You never mention anything about that before!" says Mag acting angry even though she her heart was fluttering around.

"Don't be angry my dear, I just want to surprise you." explained YH.

"I'm not. I just don't want you to put your career at risk. What if other people finds out?" said Mag despite that she's actually really happy.

"Okay, I really needs to go now before someone finds out." says Mag walking out the elevator.

Suddenly he pulls her in and gave her a long passionate kiss before letting her go.

"Now you can go. Happy Birthday my love. Drive safe and make sure you call me when you reach home." says YH lovingly.

Mag blushed and left hurriedly before she can't control herself anymore.....

Author's note : This is a belated chapter. Real posting date should be on May 25th. Writing and reading this post whilst listening to TVXQ's new song "Stand by you" is awesome. Do try it. This post seems longer than I thought. Apologies for that. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chapter 6

"Mag, producer Kim need to see you in his room." the technical guy told Mag just as she wants to leave.

"Ok. Thanks oppa." Said Mag.

Knock, knock.

"Come on in, Mag." said the producer Kim.

"You were looking for me?"asked Mag.

"Yes, come on in and grab a seat." he said.

"Thank you. So, it there anything?" she's kind of afraid of him because he is her 'si fu' or master as he was the one who brought her into this field.

"Mag, I don't know if you had realize this, the rating has kind of dropped a lot since the first aired. We have been receiving letters saying that your hosting was a little routine and robotic. You need to change your style a little. You have to improve. Don't be afraid anymore. You had been on air for sometime now. You should start to get accustomed by now." he told her straight to her eyes truthfully. He had taken her as his own child now as she is almost his child's age.

" I know. I'm constantly trying to change and improve but I guess it's not good enough.. " she tries to explain herself. 

"I can see. Maybe you were trying to hard. Try to relax a little next time. Just do as you were interacting with your friends. Alright. It's late now. It's already 1 am now. Drive carefully when you go home, ok? I'll see you tomorrow." he said.

"Ok. Thank you for your advice. I'll try my very best to change. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night." said Mag leaving the room trying her very best not to shed her tears.

" Where's Mag now? It's already 1 am, you guys left at 2330,right? She should be here by now." asked Dawn looking at YH.

" I'm wondering too. She did not text me or anything." answered YH worrying about her as well.

"♩♬Midohyo~ ♫♪ " his phone suddenly rang.

'It's me. It's too late now and I'm very tired. I guess i won't stop in. Tell everyone I'm sorry and I'll see you guys around, k?' That's a text message from Mag.

"It's Mag. She said it's too late now and she's tired. So, she won't stop in. She said sorry to you guys and will see you guys around." said YH feeling weird. It's like he can feel her through the message.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Special

"Happy Birthday!" wishes the crowd after singing the birthday song to the birthday boy, YH.

"Kamsahamida. Thanks for celebrating my b'day with me. This will be my most memorable b'day ever." said YH before leaving for the back stage.

" YH, after this, you guys will have to go to MC Mong's program, and you guys can go straight home. I've put all your gifts in your room. This year, another fan tried to send you a car, a porsche some more. Knew you'll reject it so I returned it and thanks everyone with the thank you video you recorded earlier. And this is the gift from everyone from the company. Nothing much, just something we all would like to give you." said their manager.

"Thanks, hyung. I appreciate this. Thanks everyone behalf of me, ok?" said YH.

"Wei. So how are you going to celebrate tonight? We are going to finish by 8pm and probably reach home by 8.30. Are you going out with Mag? Just be careful of the paparazzi,ok?" reminded JJ.

" I don't really know. She's working till 9 tonight she says, and she didn't really mentioned about celebrating. I guess she might have forgotten." answered YH.

"You've got to be kidding me. I doubt that she'll forget, dun be sad." said JJ.

"No, I'm not sad. Just that she's kind of avoiding me these few days, I'm wondering if something happened. I've tried to ask Sam, but she said nothing special happened and Mag did not mentioned anything to her. Did Dawn tell you anything?" asked YH.

"No. she didn't. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine. It's your b'day, cheer up!" encourage JJ.

"Yea. I hope so." answered YH.

After MC Mong's program.

"Thank you everyone. Good night." said YH to everyone.

"Hey YH, Happy B'day. Here's something for you. Nothing special. Just thought I should get you something." said MC Mong.

" Thanks, Hyung. You shouldn't have. I'm really happy. Thanks again." said YH hugging him.

" Hyung, we gotta go, our driver is waiting. We'll talk to you soon, ok? thanks for tonight." said JJ knowing that YH wishes to go home as soon as possible.

"Ya. Let's go home... I'm so tired and hungry. JJ hyung, make us something when we get home, k?"pestered CM.

"Sure but I think SAND has make something for us tonight as it's YH hyung's b'day." answered JJ.

" Really? I never know they know how to cook accept for Dawn." said CM.

"Sam knows how to cook!" answered YC and JS together. That had created a weird sense in the air.

"Alright. We'll see when we reach home." said YH finally.

20 minutes later....

" ♫♪Happy birthday to you....♩♬" sang the girls as soon as they opened the door. SAND were all there but no sign of Mag at all.

"Happy Birthday, YH oppa!" all the girls wishes him Happy Birthday and one by one hug him with no exception of Dawn and Sam despite 3 pairs of jealous eyes looking and gave him their gifts.

" Here's my gift to you. Open it. I'm sure you LOVE it." said Sam winking at him.

YH opened it and saw a handphone. Looking puzzled, he turned to Sam.

" You'll see. Just hang on to it. You'll love it and will thank me for giving it to you." said Sam.

" Thanks Sam." Said YH still wondering where's the person he's longing to see the whole day. She has been avoiding him for days now.

"♩♬Midohyo~ ♫♪" The phone suddenly rang. It was a text message.

' Go to your room.' the anonymous message says.

"Don't look at me. I'm just doing what I need to do. Just follow the message." said Sam.

YH puzzlingly went back to his room and saw a lot of gifts. Those are all from the fans. On top of his bed, sits a small box. He opens it. It was a key. Seems to be a mail box key.

"♩♬Saranghaey Hi ya ya... ♫♪" the phone rang again. Another text message.

' Go to Mag's mail box and open it" ordered the message.

YH starting to understand what all these is and knows that it was Mag behind all these. He decided to play along with her. He opened the mail box, another small box sitting in it. It's a message.

'Go to the usual place.' it says.

'The usual place? Where could it be...." wondered YH.

"♫♪Happy Birthday to you...♬♩"a voice came out from his back suddenly. It was the voice he has been thinking of the whole day. He turned and see the person he had wanted to see all this while.

"I knew you'll know where to find. Happy Birthday!"said Mag.

"Where have you been all these days? I'm so worried bout you!" said YH almost yelling.

"And I miss you too..." said YH changing his tone immediately.

"I have to avoid you. You know how hard is it to keep a secret from you?" explained Mag bringing up a cake that she had work on the whole day trying to make a perfect one for him.

"You made this? Just for me? " YH was so happy knowing that Mag do not usually enter the kitchen. He's the one who cook usually.

"Why? You don't like it? Fine. I'll throw it away then. I know it's not as good as those you got from your 'LADY' fans. Not as grand as those who give you cars as present." said Mag threatening to throw the cake away.

"NO! This is the best present ever. Thank you. I've been looking forward for this day forever."said YH sensing that some jealousy is in the air and leaning forward to steal a kiss from her cheek.

"What are you doing?! Someone might see this."Mag said blushingly.

"I'm too happy. I don't care anymore. " said YH leaning forward trying to kiss her again...

Mag closes her eyes...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter 5

"Good Evening everyone! You are listening to What's latest? on Hitz 104.5! I'm Mag and you can't believe who's sitting besides me now, it's TVXQ! OMG, you guys look so good. How have you guys been? It's been a long time since you guys has been here. You guys wanna say hi to the listeners out there tonight?" Mag asked.

" Hi everyone, we are TVXQ ! " They say together.

"Hi! I'm U-know Yun Ho. How are you guys out there?" YH said.

"Hi! I'm Hero Jae Joong. It's a cold night out there. You guys gotta keep warm! " JJ said.

"Hi! I'm Micky Yu Chun. Good Evening everyone! " YC said.

"Hi! I'm Xiah Jun Su. " JS said.

"Hi! Don't forget me, I'm Max Chang Min! " CM said.

"Haha. Don't worry CM, No one will ever forget you. So, what are you guys up to? You guys has been so busy that everyone is having a hard time just trying to keep up with you guys! YH, you wanna tell us?" asked Mag.

"Erm..we've been on our 4th Asia tour and currently we are working on our 6th Korean album which will be out soon and as well as our 4th Japanese album." answered YH.

"Whoa! It seems that you guys are really busy. Do you guys ever rest? Hahaha. You know all the cassopiea out there will be heart broken if you guys fall sick. "

" Hahaha. Sure we do. We won't let ourselves sick. Especially JJ hyung. He's our 2nd mom. He always take good care of us.

" Alright listeners. Here's the latest song they have, Love. Enjoy. We'll be right back after the song." 

"Hey guys. How was your day?" asked Mag.

"It's like usual. As you may know, we had a photo shoot for the album today, and beforehand another interview by MC Mong this morning. How's yours?" YH asked while four others trying to keep themselves occupied trying to be invisible. 

'Clever guys' YH said to himself while grinning at the others.

"Well, work work n work. So, are you guys ready for the next segment on this program? As the producer may had explain to you guys, this is a compulsory custom in this radio program that all the guest singer has to present a brand new, unreleased, live song to the audience. " ask Mag.

"Of course we are. If we are not, how dare we appear to be here." JJ teasing her risking himself being elbowed by YH.

"What song? Tell me. Tell me. Why didn't you guys mentioned it last night? " urge Mag.

"Alright guys. In 10 more seconds. 3,2,1." said the producer signaling them to get back on air before anyone could answer her but YH had already warned them not to mention anything until it's on air when they are on their way here.

" We are back. And I still have the Asia superstar group TVXQ with me. How was the song people? It was good, right? My eyes are still teary even though I had listen to this song numerous time ever since it's released." Mag said.

"We are more than glad you like it. I hope the listeners love it too. " said YC.

"I'm sure they do. Alright guys. Time for our...'Latest Composition' segment. As our listeners may already know, in this segment, you guys gotta sing live to us a brand new, unreleased song. That's our program's privileged. Are you guys ready?" asked Mag.

" Sure we are. We had been preparing this song for a long time. It's a very special song. YH composed it while Han Kyung from SUJU help with the lyrics. It's a TVXQ and SUJU collaboration." JS answered.

"Whoa. Then it's such a privileged for us to be able to listen to it for the 1st time. We are so lucky,right listeners? I'm sure you guys agree too." said Mag looking at YH in a confused look because he had never mentioned this to her. She feel a little disappointed as she feels that YH don't trust her enough to tell her everything.

YH knows exactly this is coming and what she's thinking but he stay calmed and look back to her acting like nothing happened.

" Alright, here it goes..." said CM.

"你是我的太阳,照着我,给于我温暖,。。。。我要保护我对你的爱。。。。" It appears that it's a mandarin song! Mag was dumbfounded but she knows she got to say something. It's her show! She gotta keep it going. While she's looking for her words...

" That's dedicated to all our fans in China and all the fans that understand Mandarin. We want you guys to know we did not forget you guys." said YH but looking at Mag passionately. This was a surprise he was working on. He has been persuading the company to let them had this song today. Of course he did not tell them the REAL reason, but he wrote this song just for her. To let the world share his love for her.

"It was awesome! How would you guys thought of writing a Mandarin song? No wonder you guys need han kyung's help. Ha Ha."

"Well, we had been receiving mails from China's fans requesting for a Mandarin song. So, our leader, YH hyung decided to write one." explained JJ.

The Program goes on for another hour.

"Well, time flies fast. That's it for the night. Thank you TVXQ for all those song. It's a privilege for us to have you here tonight." said Mag.

" No, we thank you for having us here. Good night everyone. We are TVXQ! "

"and I'm Mag. See you guys same time, same place, same day next week, Good night! " Mag added.

Off Air.

"Hey, are you guys going home now? " asked Mag.

"Yea. Manager Hyung told us this is the last for the night." answered YH.

" Oh. I'll see you guys at SAND's home then. I'll go later as I need to go find Sam for something and I heard Dawn is making some nice good M'sian food." said Mag grinning at JJ before looking at both YC n JS.

"Really? I'm soo hungry right now. Guys, let's go home! Before Alyn finish all those food." pestered CM.

"Thanks everyone for tonight." said YH to the producer and the technicians bowing at them while the others followed him doing so.

"See you later. Be careful when you drive home later." whispered YH to Mag before he leaves.

Mag only smiled at wave them good bye before getting back to work after she took a glance on the clock.

'It's already 2330. I better hurry.' said Mag to herself.