Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter 1

“No. Nothing happened. I just don’t feel like talking. Bye guys. Good night.” Mag turned around and walks away right after she said these words.

“Wait! Mag.” Yun Ho says as he held her from leaving.

“What happened? Dear.” “You were alright just before this. Did I do anything wrong?” He added.
“No. Nothing has to do with you. Can you just give me some time alone? Good night.” she says while trying her best to hold her tears from felling and she left the apartment which belongs to her friends, SAND which is one of the TOP groups that took the world away by their powerful singing talent and their great on-stage performance.

“Wait YH. Give her some time to calm down. It wasn’t you. I saw her on the phone just now. It must be her family,” says Sam as she held him back from running after Mag. He was very worried looking at her facial expression. He knew that she is all worried and down. All of those were literally written on her face.

She walks calmly towards the lift and went down to the park where she loves to hang around looking at people having their sweet time. She has chosen a nice bench near a pond whereby people can swim and boat. However, it is actually dark out hence there are not much people around. Still, she loves the environment as it seems to be very peaceful and beautiful. The sky was very clear, free from clouds and since she is sitting facing the pond, she can see the bright full moon on the sky with all those stars. She is now feeling much better and calmer.

She was feeling very sad before this because she was away from her family to work at this country which is totally foreign for her to help support the family expenses which is rising like crazy since her siblings are starting to go to college. Her parent just calls her up for more money and telling her that her grandparents’ health was deteriorating. Her biggest concern wasn’t about the money but her grandparents. She grew up with both her grandparents and she doesn’t bear to take accept the truth that they are getting old and will leave her forever eventually.

Though she doesn’t not want to talk about this to anyone as she does not want to gives them more problems because they have their own problems themselves. She was actually visiting them whenever they are free at home as she lives nearby to their house. She was working as a broadcaster or DJ in one of the top radio station in that country.

She took her sweet time looking at the beautiful sky and humming songs by TVXQ and SAND. She’s having lots of flash backs about how she ended up having a career in the country and meeting her idols TVXQ.

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