Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chapter 4

The sky is just so mesmerizing, the clear sky,with stars above just enough to hold Mag's breath. She was just sitting there, looking at the sky, thinking about all the beautiful memories she has that she don't even realize that a pair of eyes has been on her for a while now.

YH knows exactly where to find her as that's her favorite spot to hang around no matter when she's sad or happy.

"Don't you just love the sky? It's always so beautiful." YH remembers Mag told him this once before.

Suddenly, a hand reached Mag's shoulder. It's scares Mag that she jump right out of the bench.

"Don't worry, it's me! It's me,YH! " says YH quickly before Mag runs away.

"Why are you here? OMG, you don't even bother to disguise a bit? What if the paparazzi find you here? I don't want to see you in trouble, YH." says Mag worried.

"It's late now. They need to sleep too. And YOU too..you need to sleep too. You know I'm worried bout you,right? How do you expect me to leave you out here alone?"He grasp her hand while he tells her his concern.

"Come sit down. OMG, your hand feels so cold. Why didn't you bring a jacket with you? Here, use mine. I'll be sad if my little girl gets sick." says YH putting his jacket on her shoulder.

She looked at him. Feeling warm again. She knew she has finally found someone she can lean on. However, her other side of her mind tells her that he's way to good for her although she never has the courage either to leave him or let him go. She knows she'll be lost without him. But the very least she can do is not to give him more burden or problems anymore.

"Can you please don't treat me so good? I'll be too dependent on you. I don't want to be your burden." says Mag looking at him truthfully.

"My dear, you are NEVER EVER my burden.. You know that. I'm more than happy that you become dependent on me. That's exactly what I want." says YH holding her hand even firmer as if he'll lose her if he loosen his grip.

"Now, you want to tell me what happen?"asked YH.

"Nothing. Nothing happened. I just feel like looking at the sky alone. Sorry bout just now." Mag apologized.

"Well, if you don't want to tell, I'm not going to force you BUT you know I'll always be here with you." says YH looking into her eyes as if he can look straight into her heart.

"Hey, YH. Do you remember when we first met?" Mag questioned.

"Of course I do! What about you? I bet you've forgotten." YH says playfully.

"Sure I do! You tell me first. I think you'll be the one who has forgotten about it." asked Mag throwing the question back to YH.

"It was on our first world tour to M'sia. A silly girl trying to force her way fighting the crowd's direction and got herself hurt! And the worst thing is...HMMMP..."YH can't continue as Mag has her hand on his mouth to stop him from continuing.

"You remember......" A drop of tear came rolling down her eye. She's so happy that he remember.

"Why are you crying? Please don't cry. You know it kills me when you cry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."says YH thinking that she's crying because he did something wrong and hurt her.

"No.No.Don't apologize.I'm just too happy that you remember." explained Mag.

"Mag, of course I remember. I can't stop thinking bout you ever since that night. " says YH rubbing of her tears from her cheek. That gesture brought them so much closer to each other. Their eyes met. Suddenly Mag feels like the surrounding as gone so quite that she can hear their heart beating fast. YH leans forward. Mag closes her eyes....

"You've got the wrong number. You've got the wrong number...." suddenly his phone rang breaking the silence.

"Yo Bo Se Yo? Yea.Yea...." says YH to the other end feeling mad at the person for calling at the wrong moment.

"We better go back. You had a early interview tomorrow,right? You better get some rest."says Mag knowing that he won't leave without her.

"Let's sit here for a while." YH knows that she's not ready to leave yet actually.

Mag just nodded and sat beside him quietly admiring at the sky again while YH sits there thinking bout that phone call before. He don't want to tell her bout that yet. He wants to give her a surprise. So, Mag sits there not knowing what's about to happen next.

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