Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter 7

Mag sits there by herself again. At her favorite spot of all the places she has been in the past one year. Without her noticing it, it has already been a year that she set her foot on this ground and start all her training to be able to host a program on her own now. She is constantly being grateful to God that she's granted this opportunity that a lot of people would die for. She remembers that a year ago, she came here only with her diploma, a little knowledge of korean cultural, a little knowledge of korean language but with a lot of courage. She initially came to visit her best friend who's now the leader of Asia's top girls group, SAND. By a twist of fate, she came interview at the radio station she's working now and being spotted by her mentor, a famous ex-radio host who's now more active as a program producer.

She looks at the sky again and took a deep breath. The sky always seems to be able to let her calm down and relax. She always seems to be feeling much better after looking at the beautiful sky. Minute by minute time flew by. Memories flashes in her mind like movies.

A year ago, she came to this country, in the purpose of visiting her best friend and to go sightseeing like she had always wanted to. She had always wanted to experience life in Korea and see if it is just like what she saw in the dramas she had watch throughout the years.

She was walking alone down the street of malls and supermarkets and she found a group of girls creating some sort of commotion. They all seemed to be very excited and to be running around someone. Mag took a peek and it was some one she wanted to see 'live' forever. It's YH. It's been 3 years after she last met him. She's excited like all those young girls too but the kept herself together and stayed calm. She does not want to act stupid.

He stopped and took a quick look at her direction.

'No. It couldn't be her. She's from Malaysia and here's Korea. Besides, she looked different too. It couldn't be her.' YH thought to himself.

'Is he looking at me? He couldn't be. We only met once like 3 years ago? He met tonnes of fans throughout the year, he couldn't have remember me. He couldn't have.' Mag reminds herself and kept on walking into a record store. She walks to the farthest corner where she can have some kind of privacy and away from all those brouhaha out there. She reach for the headphone that were there so that customers can listen to the songs they wanted to try. Coincidently, it's their song. It's the top seller for consecutively fifty week. However, she's not in the mood for any of their song for the moment. Hence, she walk over to grab an album from classical music segment. She found her favourite piece, Beethoven No.7.

He walked in the record store that he last saw her in before. He's glad he finally be able to get rid of the group of fans that where following him just now. His eyes search frantically for the face he kept thinking of for the past 3 years despite to the fact that he wasn't sure if it's her or not. He still wanted to look for himself. Finally he sees her. She's listening to their song! His heart jumped happily. Just as he wanted to walk towards her, she put down the headphone and went to the classical segment. Beethoven No.7. She looked so calm and satisfied as she starts to listen to the album. His heart felt like he just fell from the top of Mount Everest. However, he still pull himself together and gather all his courage and walk towards her. He felt more nervous than his very first performance.

'What if she doesn't remember me? What if this is a wrong person? Will I put my career at risk?' He asked himself all these questions as he is walking towards her.

Mag felt that someone has stand behind her. She thought that someone wants to reach in for albums so she moved aside without looking up. But that person still stands there doing nothing and she felt like that person is staring at her. She started to feel annoyed because this person has ruined her peaceful moment so she looked up and just as she wanted to say something, she realized that it's him! She was stupefied.

'What is he doing here? He couldn't have remember me.' she thought to herself.

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