Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chapter 6

"Mag, producer Kim need to see you in his room." the technical guy told Mag just as she wants to leave.

"Ok. Thanks oppa." Said Mag.

Knock, knock.

"Come on in, Mag." said the producer Kim.

"You were looking for me?"asked Mag.

"Yes, come on in and grab a seat." he said.

"Thank you. So, it there anything?" she's kind of afraid of him because he is her 'si fu' or master as he was the one who brought her into this field.

"Mag, I don't know if you had realize this, the rating has kind of dropped a lot since the first aired. We have been receiving letters saying that your hosting was a little routine and robotic. You need to change your style a little. You have to improve. Don't be afraid anymore. You had been on air for sometime now. You should start to get accustomed by now." he told her straight to her eyes truthfully. He had taken her as his own child now as she is almost his child's age.

" I know. I'm constantly trying to change and improve but I guess it's not good enough.. " she tries to explain herself. 

"I can see. Maybe you were trying to hard. Try to relax a little next time. Just do as you were interacting with your friends. Alright. It's late now. It's already 1 am now. Drive carefully when you go home, ok? I'll see you tomorrow." he said.

"Ok. Thank you for your advice. I'll try my very best to change. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night." said Mag leaving the room trying her very best not to shed her tears.

" Where's Mag now? It's already 1 am, you guys left at 2330,right? She should be here by now." asked Dawn looking at YH.

" I'm wondering too. She did not text me or anything." answered YH worrying about her as well.

"♩♬Midohyo~ ♫♪ " his phone suddenly rang.

'It's me. It's too late now and I'm very tired. I guess i won't stop in. Tell everyone I'm sorry and I'll see you guys around, k?' That's a text message from Mag.

"It's Mag. She said it's too late now and she's tired. So, she won't stop in. She said sorry to you guys and will see you guys around." said YH feeling weird. It's like he can feel her through the message.

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