Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Special

"Happy Birthday!" wishes the crowd after singing the birthday song to the birthday boy, YH.

"Kamsahamida. Thanks for celebrating my b'day with me. This will be my most memorable b'day ever." said YH before leaving for the back stage.

" YH, after this, you guys will have to go to MC Mong's program, and you guys can go straight home. I've put all your gifts in your room. This year, another fan tried to send you a car, a porsche some more. Knew you'll reject it so I returned it and thanks everyone with the thank you video you recorded earlier. And this is the gift from everyone from the company. Nothing much, just something we all would like to give you." said their manager.

"Thanks, hyung. I appreciate this. Thanks everyone behalf of me, ok?" said YH.

"Wei. So how are you going to celebrate tonight? We are going to finish by 8pm and probably reach home by 8.30. Are you going out with Mag? Just be careful of the paparazzi,ok?" reminded JJ.

" I don't really know. She's working till 9 tonight she says, and she didn't really mentioned about celebrating. I guess she might have forgotten." answered YH.

"You've got to be kidding me. I doubt that she'll forget, dun be sad." said JJ.

"No, I'm not sad. Just that she's kind of avoiding me these few days, I'm wondering if something happened. I've tried to ask Sam, but she said nothing special happened and Mag did not mentioned anything to her. Did Dawn tell you anything?" asked YH.

"No. she didn't. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine. It's your b'day, cheer up!" encourage JJ.

"Yea. I hope so." answered YH.

After MC Mong's program.

"Thank you everyone. Good night." said YH to everyone.

"Hey YH, Happy B'day. Here's something for you. Nothing special. Just thought I should get you something." said MC Mong.

" Thanks, Hyung. You shouldn't have. I'm really happy. Thanks again." said YH hugging him.

" Hyung, we gotta go, our driver is waiting. We'll talk to you soon, ok? thanks for tonight." said JJ knowing that YH wishes to go home as soon as possible.

"Ya. Let's go home... I'm so tired and hungry. JJ hyung, make us something when we get home, k?"pestered CM.

"Sure but I think SAND has make something for us tonight as it's YH hyung's b'day." answered JJ.

" Really? I never know they know how to cook accept for Dawn." said CM.

"Sam knows how to cook!" answered YC and JS together. That had created a weird sense in the air.

"Alright. We'll see when we reach home." said YH finally.

20 minutes later....

" ♫♪Happy birthday to you....♩♬" sang the girls as soon as they opened the door. SAND were all there but no sign of Mag at all.

"Happy Birthday, YH oppa!" all the girls wishes him Happy Birthday and one by one hug him with no exception of Dawn and Sam despite 3 pairs of jealous eyes looking and gave him their gifts.

" Here's my gift to you. Open it. I'm sure you LOVE it." said Sam winking at him.

YH opened it and saw a handphone. Looking puzzled, he turned to Sam.

" You'll see. Just hang on to it. You'll love it and will thank me for giving it to you." said Sam.

" Thanks Sam." Said YH still wondering where's the person he's longing to see the whole day. She has been avoiding him for days now.

"♩♬Midohyo~ ♫♪" The phone suddenly rang. It was a text message.

' Go to your room.' the anonymous message says.

"Don't look at me. I'm just doing what I need to do. Just follow the message." said Sam.

YH puzzlingly went back to his room and saw a lot of gifts. Those are all from the fans. On top of his bed, sits a small box. He opens it. It was a key. Seems to be a mail box key.

"♩♬Saranghaey Hi ya ya... ♫♪" the phone rang again. Another text message.

' Go to Mag's mail box and open it" ordered the message.

YH starting to understand what all these is and knows that it was Mag behind all these. He decided to play along with her. He opened the mail box, another small box sitting in it. It's a message.

'Go to the usual place.' it says.

'The usual place? Where could it be...." wondered YH.

"♫♪Happy Birthday to you...♬♩"a voice came out from his back suddenly. It was the voice he has been thinking of the whole day. He turned and see the person he had wanted to see all this while.

"I knew you'll know where to find. Happy Birthday!"said Mag.

"Where have you been all these days? I'm so worried bout you!" said YH almost yelling.

"And I miss you too..." said YH changing his tone immediately.

"I have to avoid you. You know how hard is it to keep a secret from you?" explained Mag bringing up a cake that she had work on the whole day trying to make a perfect one for him.

"You made this? Just for me? " YH was so happy knowing that Mag do not usually enter the kitchen. He's the one who cook usually.

"Why? You don't like it? Fine. I'll throw it away then. I know it's not as good as those you got from your 'LADY' fans. Not as grand as those who give you cars as present." said Mag threatening to throw the cake away.

"NO! This is the best present ever. Thank you. I've been looking forward for this day forever."said YH sensing that some jealousy is in the air and leaning forward to steal a kiss from her cheek.

"What are you doing?! Someone might see this."Mag said blushingly.

"I'm too happy. I don't care anymore. " said YH leaning forward trying to kiss her again...

Mag closes her eyes...

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